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Information Resource - Adults

In this area Health & Social Care providers can access Cheshire West and Chester Council policies and procedures, strategies or any other documentation that would be useful for Providers - such as Department of Health documents or Nice Guidelines. 

If you notice that something is missing, please use the contact us page and we will see if it can be added, alternatively please click here to search the Cheshire West and Chester Council website. 


The West Cheshire Local Safeguarding Adults Board is a multi-agency partnership committee, co-ordinated by Cheshire West and Chester Council, which provides strategic leadership for adult safeguarding across the borough. It has an independent Chair and its remit is to agree objectives, set priorities and co-ordinate the strategic development of adult safeguarding.

The Board acts as a forum for agreeing how agencies should co-operate to safeguard adults at risk and ensure that local arrangements work effectively to bring about positive outcomes for local people.  It is responsible for ensuring that the systems in place locally to protect people at risk are proportionate, balanced and responsive, that lessons are learned by way of safeguarding adult reviews in cases where there have been poor outcomes, and that awareness is raised in respect of abuse and what can done about it.

The West Cheshire Local Safeguarding Adults Board is governed by a Memorandum of Agreement which all agencies sign up to.

Visit the website at

Falls Prevention

Reducing the incidence of and injuries sustained from falls in the borough has been identified as a key priority by Cheshire West and Chester’s Health and Wellbeing Board.  This strategy sets out our strategic framework for reducing the risk of falls in older people. It has been developed by Cheshire West and Chester Council, together with our partners. The Strategy acknowledges the critical role that many organisations play in this area, reflecting the multiple causes of falls and the holistic approach that is necessary to reduce the number of falls.

Older people have been central to the development of this Strategy, which seeks to ensure that older people and their carers understand how to reduce the risk of falling.  We are clear about the responsibility that Cheshire West and Chester Council and our partner organisations have in falls prevention and in shaping the best health and social care services for our residents. This includes not only those who might be at risk of falls, but also their carers, families and friends.  Together, we want to build a collective response to the challenges facing us.

Advice on preventing falls can be found on the Age UK website.

Commissioning & Contracts - Providers


Cheshire West and Chester Council has an important role to play in ensuring that its residents can lead fulfilling lives as independently as possible.

We recognise, however, that many people need help to lead full and independent lives, so part of our work is to ensure there is an effective, flexible and responsive high quality social care provision.

Stimulating and shaping the market is part of our job to ensure that people have access to support which is tailored to their needs. Therefore, we produced a market position statement to explain the likely demand for the types of services which will be required in future. 

Where to find help

Click here to access this page on the Cheshire West and Chester Website

Provider Forum

The forum provides all those involved in the delivery of services in Cheshire West and Chester an opportunity to share best practice, build on working relationships and develop innovative new ways of providing services. Those not currently providing these services, but with an interest in doing so, are also welcome to attend the forum.

Currently we are hosting the following provider forums:

  • Joint residential and nursing care
  • Learning disability and community based care
  • Housing related support
  • Care at home
  • Early intervention and prevention (under development)

Further information 

Learning Disability Framework

Area currently under development

Find information about the Learning Disability Framework and how to be added to it. 

Cheshire West & Chester Council - Council plans, policies and strategies

The Council's Constitution sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made, and the procedures which are followed to ensure that there are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Click here to access Cheshire West and Chester Council plans, policies and strategies. 

Cheshire West & Chester Council - The Council Plan

Council Plan

Cheshire West and Chester Council has developed and launched a new plan for 2016-2020 - called Helping the Borough Thrive.

The Council Plan sets out the Council's vision, what it wants to achieve, and the way its staff will work.

To shape this plan we listened to your views in 'Let's Talk' - a 12-week consultation. We engaged with more than 1,800 people and developed the plan by considering the views of residents, councillors, staff and partners, while ensuring that any planned outcomes worked within the Council's four-year budget.

The Council's new, long term vision is of a thriving borough. By 2020, Cheshire West will have a thriving economy, residents and communities.

We will deliver 4,400 new houses, £277 million pounds of investment into regeneration and key infrastructure, 1,730 complex families turned around, 1,780 new businesses in the borough, and much more.

This plan demonstrates the Council's ambitions, details what will change and, vitally, how it will change. The plan is structured through ten outcomes, all of which have key focus areas and a vision of what success will look like by 2020.

Department of Health documents

Click here for the: 3 Department of Health documents on: Health Technical Memorandum 01-04: Decontamination of linen for health and social care

Referral Forms

Here you will find links to referral forms required for external agencies or specialist services. 

SALT - Speech and Language Therapist - click here to access the referral form. 

Adult Community Nutrition Services West Cheshire (CWP)click here to access guidance and the referral form

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